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Our organization is supported by its solid R&D facility and well-maintained Laboratories and facilities. We have own territories and polyhouse for R&D reason. Our products are well prepared according to international standards, giving importance to quality agricultural care pesticides. With years of experience in this field and grown a reputation of being an eminent supplier of quality environmental care pesticides, we have been giving utmost care of selection of our products, laboratory analysis, and research.

We have its own scientific syndication Products incorporates natural, home grown and organic fungicides, bug sprays, and development enhancers. We are additionally occupied with generation of micro-nutrients and plant supplements. We manufacture different chelated, straight and modified blend micro-nutrient grades.

Our organization believes "All society will kick the bucket tomorrow, however Agriculture never", "client in the first place, Reputation first". The organization has solid hold in residential and universal business sector. Our farming inputs are generally supplied to horticultural commercial enterprises managing in Grapes, Pomegranates, Mango, Apple, and Tea Gardens and Vegetable products. Last yet not list we have answer for each every issue in Agriculture.

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