Chlorpyriphos 20 % EC

Chlorpyriphos 20 % EC

  • Insecticide Chlorpyriphos 20% EC is we make in brand name of Whiteoff.
  • It used to protect building from termite and also used for soil treatment
  • The dosages per hectare are 250-1000gm a.i. and formulation is 1250-3000 ml depending on intensity of pest. In case of building it is 1% and formulation 1ltr/19 lit water
  • It is available in the form of EC(Emulsifiable Concentrate).
  • Dissolve 1-2 gm of PAM in 10ml distilled water and inject intravenously very slowly for 10-5 minutes in case of antidote required.


  • It has quick knockdown effect.
  • It is biodegradable in nature.
  • It is safe for non target human being and animal.
  • It can be use for many crops.
  • It is safe for all the crops.


  • Brand Name: Whiteoff
  • Product Head: Insecticide
  • Mode of action: Contact and Stomach Insecticide
  • Crops:Paddy, Cotton, Brinjal, Cabbage, Onion, Apple, Ber, Citrus, Non Crop area (Building, Forest), Croped area(Wheat, Barely, Grram), Soil treatment(Wheat, Sugarcan)
  • Pest: Hispa, Leaf roller, Gall midge, Stem borer, whorl maggot, Aphid, Boll worm White fly Shoot & Fruit borer, Dimond Backmoth, Root grub, Black Citrus
  • Dosages: 250-1000 gm a.i./ha
  • Formulation: 1250-3000 ml/ha
  • Formulation Type : EC(Emulsifiable Concentrate)