Monocrotophos .

  • Monocrotophos is a pesticide offered by us with 72% purity which can be used in agriculture.
  • Product is also available in SL(Soluble Liquid).
  • Its chemical name is Dimethyl (E)-1-methyl-2-(methylcarbamoyl)vinyl phosphate while molecular formula is C7H14NO5.
  • Molecular weight is 223.2 g/mol
  • CAS NO: 6923-22-4.
  • As per import country regulation all product with all its formulation (%) we can offer. And packaging can be done as per customer need fulfilment.

Product details


175-800 gm a.i/ Ha

Product Type

SL (Soluble Liquid)



Target Pests

American boll worm, Aphid, Leaf hopper, Grey weevil, Spotted boll worm, Pink boll worm, thrips, Whit