Malathion 50 % EC

Malathion 50 Percent EC

  • Riddle, 50% EC  formulation of Malathion   is an insecticide for control of stored grain pest in godowns and warehouse.
  • It is a wide spectrum insecticide .The dosages per hectare is 500-750gm a.i/ha and for fruit trees 0.005%-0.0075% and formulation is 1000-3000ml.


  • Atropinize the patient immediately and maintain full atropinization by repeated doses of 2 to 4 mg. of atropine sulphate intravenously at 5 to 10 minutes interval. As much as 25 to 50 mg. of atropine may be required in a day. The need for further atropine administration is guided by the continuance of symptoms. Extent of salivation is a useful criteria for dose adjustment.
  • Dissolve 1-2 gm of 2 PAM in 10ml distilled water and inject intravenously very slowly for 10-5 minutes.
  • This insecticide is available in the form of EC(Emulsifiable Concentrate).


  • It is safe for non-target human being and animals.
  • It is safe for environment and all the crops.
  • It has knockdown effect.

Product details

Brand Name



Insect Control


500-750gm a.i/Ha and for fruit trees 0.005%-0.0075%


  • Brand Name: Riddle
  • Product Head: Insecticide
  • Mode of action: Wide Spectrum Insecticide
  • Crops: Paddy, Sorghum, Vegetable, Bhindi, Brinjal, Cabbage, Raddish, Cauliflower, Turnip, Tomato, FRUIT TREES(Apple, Mango, Grape)
  • Pest: Rice hispa, Sorghum midge, Aphid,jassid, Spotted bollworm, Mites, Musterd Aphid, Head borer, Stem borer, Tobacco caterpillar, White fly, Sanjose scale, Wolly aphid Mealy scale, Mango hopper, Beetle
  • Dosages: 500-750gm a.i/Ha and for fruit trees 0.005%-0.0075%
  • Formulation: 1000-3000ml/Ha
  • Formulation Type : EC(Emulsifiable Concertrate)