Deltamethrin 2.8 % EC

Deltamethrin 2.8 % EC

  • We manufacture Deltamethrin 2.8% EC with the brand name Raven to kill Bollworm and sucking insects of cotton crop.
  • The dosages per hectare are 10-12.5 gm a.i.and formulation is 400-500ml depending on intensity of pest.
  • It is available in the EC(Emulsifiable Concentrate) form.
  • No specific Antidote is known.  Treat symptomatically, Antithistamines may be given for allergic manifestations.


  • It has quick knock down effect by contact action.
  • It controls many pest and insects.
  • It can be use for many crops.

Product details


Insect Control,Weed Control



Packaging Type



  • Brand Name : Raven
  • Product Head : Insecticide
  • Mode of action : Broad Spectrum & Contact Insecticide
  • Crops : Cotton
  • Pest : Bollworm, Sucking insects
  • Dosages : 10-12.5gm a.i/Ha
  • Formulation : 400-500ml/Ha
  • Formulation Type : EC(Emulsifiable Concertrate)


No specific Antidote is know. Treat symtomatically , Antithistamines may be given for allergic mainifestations.