Sulphur 80 % WDG

Sulphur 80 % WDG

  • Customer can avail Sulphur 80% WDG  from us on name of Kalphur+. It is used to treat Powdery mildew and scab in  Grapes, Mango, Cumin, Cowpea, Guar, Pea and apple .
  • The dosages per hectare is 1.50-2.00Kg  a.i.and  formulation is1.875-2.50kg  depending on crop and intensity of pest
  • When  pest come in contact of  fungicide it starts action.
  • Kalphur+ is available in the form of WDG(Water Dispersible Granules).
  • There is no specific antidote is available. its treatment needs to be done symptomatically.


  • It has quick knock down effect by contact action.
  • It controls many pest and insects.
  • It can be use for many crops.
  • It is safe for all the crops.


  • Brand Name: Kalphur +
  • Product Head: Contact Fungicide
  • Mode of action: Contact Fungicide
  • Crops: Grapes, Mango, Cumin, Cowpea, Guar, Pea, Apple
  • Pest: Powdery mildew, Scab
  • Dosages : 1.50-2.00Kg a.i/Ha
  • Formulation: 1.875-2.50Kg/Ha
  • Formulation Type : WDG(Water Dispersible Granules)


No specific Antidote is known. Treat Symtomatically.