Butachlor 50 % EC

Butachlor 50% EC

  • Butakal  brand is made from  Butachlor to treat Cyperus difformis, cyper Iria, Echinochola crusgalli, Echinochola colonum, Eclipta alba, Sphenoclea zeylancia in paddy.
  • The dosages per hectare is 1.25-2kg a.i.and formulation is 2.5-4.00ltr depending.
  • It is selective pre Emergence systematic herbicide available in EC(Emulsifiable Concentrate).
  • Give the patient common salt in a glass of warm water followed by active charcoal 2 parts. Tannic acid 1 part and Magnesium Oxide 1 parts


  • Brand Name: Butakal
  • Product Head: Herbicide
  • Mode of action: Selective Pre-Emergence Systemic Herbicide
  • Crops: Paddy (Transplanted)
  • Pest: Cyperus difformis, Cyperus Iria, Echinochloa crusgalli, Echinochloa colonum, Eclipta alba, Sphenoclea zeylancia
  • Dosages : 1.25 - 2 kg a.i/ Ha
  • Formulation: 2.5-4.00Ltr/Ha
  • Formulation Type: EC (Emulsifiable Concentrate)
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1.25 - 2 kg a.i/ Ha