Copper Oxychloride 50 % WP

Copper Oxychloride 50 % WP

  • We offer Copper Oxychloride 50% WP as brand name oxyride. It is a contact  fungicide used to protect Grapes,Potato,Cadamom,Coffe,Banana,Tea,Cumin,Tomato,Paddy,Coconut,citrus and Betel  from Fruit rot, Leaf spot, Downy mildew, Early blight, Late blight, Clump rot, Black rot, blister blight, red rust, blight, blank sank, frog eye leaf, Bud rot, Canker.
  • The dosages per hectare are 0.21-3.75kg a.i.and formulation is 0.42-7.5 kg depending on crop and pest type.
  • It is available in WP(Wettable Powder) form.


  • Atropinize the patient immediately and maintain full atropinisation by repeated doses of 2 to 4 mg. of atropine sulphate intravenously at 5 to 10 minutes interval. As much as 25 to 50 mg. of atropine may be required in a day. The need for further atropine administration is guided by the continuance of symptoms. Extent of salivation is a useful criteria for dose adjustment
  • Dissolve 1-2 gm of 2 PAM in 10ml distilled water and inject intravenously very slowly for 10-5 minutes.


  • It has quick knock down effect by contact action.
  • It controls many pest and insects.
  • It can be use for many crops.

Product details


Atropinize the patient immediately and maintain full atropinization by repeated doses of 2 to 4 mg.




Grapes, Potato, Cadamom, Coffee, Banana, Tea, Cumin, Tomato, Tobacco, Paddy, Coconut, Citrus, Betel


0.21-3.75 kg a.i/Ha